A Dog Playing In A Ball Pit Is The Video You Didn't Know You Needed

Turns out dogs love ball pits just as much as humans do.

Ball pits were pretty much what dreams were made of when we were kids, and maybe they still are for a few of us adults. Maymo the dog proves you don't even have to be a human to enjoy jumping into a big pit of colorful plastic round things.

You may remember Maymo from his birthday surprise last year, when he got the treat of his life with 100 balls. The video of this birthday present went outrageously viral back in June 2014. This year, Maymo's family took it a step further and filled up a makeshift ball pit with ten times that many colorful toys for the lucky little dog.

"Since Maymo loved getting 100 balls last year, we decided to up the ante and fill a DIY ball pit with 1000+ rainbow-colored balls (because gay marriage!)," the video's description reads.

Maymo seems pretty unfazed at first and stubbornly refuses to give up his spot on the couch, but it doesn't take long for the little guy to dive in and, well, have a ball. He eventually tires out and puts the ball pit to another good use: taking a nap.

Maymo, you deserve it.