'Orphan Black' Star Tatiana Maslany Gets Weird In Son Lux's New Video: Watch

Creepy, but cool.

Tatiana Maslany kicks serious ass in "Orphan Black," but the actress dishes out some way different -- and far creepier -- vibes in her latest role as the star of Son Lux's new video, "You Don't Know Me."

TBH, we don't really want to know Tatiana after watching this video. Like, it's cool if she just stayed away. Far, far away.

Over warped, plucky electronics of the decidedly menacing variety, Tatiana lip syncs Lux's words, harboring secrets in the dark from her husband -- "you don't know me at all," she says, with a devilish grin.

As we come to find out, seems like Tatiana's the leader of some pastel-paint worshipping cult -- unhappy spouse by day, bubblegum-chewing cult leader at night. Like we said, WEIRD.

Regardless of the chills we're experiencing right now, the video is really cool, and perfectly suits the strange, otherworldly mood of the track. We'll just have to see if Son Lux's "Paper Towns" score rocks similar vibes.