Every Single Moment That Made Us Lose Our Heads During The 'Scream' Premiere

Severed noggin included.

Think Halloween is the scariest time of the year? Think again.

MTV's small-screen adaptation of "Scream" finally debuted tonight, and if the season premiere is any omen, we're in for a terrifying summer. Seriously, guys, we may have to sleep with one eye open for the rest of the year.

So, with that being said err, written…

From bloody endings to a closeup of the killer's mask, here are all the shriek-worthy moments from the "Scream" season premiere (warning: MAJOR spoilers ahead):

  • When Nina receives a series of creepy Snapchats, tracking her every move.
  • Locked out of the house...with nowhere to go.
  • Heads up...
  • Bye bye, Nina (OOOOF)
  • When we get a glimpse of the killer's mask. SHIVERS.
  • Poor Nina's mom, finding her daughter's body in the swimming pool.
  • When Noah tells the tale of Brandon James' past, complete with haunting flashbacks.
  • Yeah, these flashbacks are NO joke.
  • When Emma's mama unwraps THAT mysterious present ... and is treated to one gruesome surprise.
  • Bonus alert: When Brooke steps into her empty garage...

    ...and then gets a sinister threat from Will after meddling in his relationship with Emma. You can see this scene online in the special extended episode!

  • When Noah wakes up at the lake dock and decides to jump in the water to make his way back to shore.
  • Lesson learned: Swimming is scary.
  • THAT. MASK. Good luck trying to sleep, everyone!
  • When Emma receives a terrifying call from "a friend."
  • Noah ending the episode on a mysterious (and bloody) note.

    "And everyone is fair game ... until there is no one left." What. is. happening.

BRB, we'll be screaming in terror for the rest of the night.

What do you think was the scariest moment in the season premiere? Tell us in the comments below, and don't forget to check out all-new episodes of "Scream" on Tuesdays at 10/9c!