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9 Birthday Behaviors That Make You Look Like A Monster

It's your birthday and you can be tolerable if you want to.

We've all heard of bridezillas, but what about birthdayzillas?

They're a thing, and you've likely encountered one at some point. Birthdays come but once a year, but given what they can turn people into, maybe they should come around even less than that. Please don't be that person who transforms into a monster on their big day.

Being alive is awesome and we all want to celebrate that, but unfortunately that can mean acting like a bigger baby than when you were actually born. It's a birthday and at best you get a party, some presents and special attention.

You don't get a license to do whatever you want. Avoid birthdayzilla syndrome by staying away from the following bad birthday behaviors:

  1. Not calling your parents (or answering their call)

    You hate talking on the phone any day of the year, but your birthday seems like the one day you should be able to get a pass. When everyone is blowing up your phone it's easy to get overwhelmed, but if there's one phone call you have to take, it's your parents. Not to get into the gross specifics, but they made you and deserve more credit for your special day than you do. Unless you're seeing them face-to-face, that's worth a phone call.

  2. Caring too much about who does and doesn't come to your party

    You can't control your friends any other day of the year, yet on your birthday you might feel mistakenly entitled to do just that. The reality is that your party is your priority and not everyone else's. Focusing on who's not there (or who's there and shouldn't be), takes attention away from the people who are actually in front of you. If you can't value that, then you can't blame them for not showing up next year. Which brings us to...

  3. Not saying thank you

    The fact that it's your birthday doesn't let you off the hook for being ungrateful. These people went out of their way to make your big day special; the least you can do is thank them.

  4. Turning it into a multi-day celebration

    Unless your mother was in labor for three days, you don't get an entire weekend of parties. Party all you want, but at a certain point it's more of a bender than a birthday. That may not be what your friends signed up for.

  5. Repeating that it's your birthday over and over again

    Don't bother getting a birthday banner if you're going to keep stating the obvious. Everyone knows why they're there, and more importantly, why you're acting this way.

  6. Wearing accessories meant for royalty

    You can't always judge how much of a monster someone is by the amount of birthday tiaras they own, but it can send a high maintenance message. You'd come off as equally regal and way more chill if you wore a bathrobe out.

  7. Drinking too much

    Birthday spoiler: no one wants you to drink your age in shots -- not the bartender, not your friends and definitely not your future self. There's no point in celebrating a birthday you won't remember but everyone else will never forget.

  8. Expecting presents

    Getting gifts is great and all, but expecting anything more than someone's presence as their present is unreasonable. Birthdays are all about growing up, and sometimes that means treating yourself.

  9. Thinking no one else can have the same birthday

    You can tell how cool someone is going to be about their birthday based on the number of friends they have with a bday in the same month. If that number is zero, it might not be a coincidence.