Jonathan Weiner

Echosmith's Selfies Are Every Fan Girl's Dream

How could anyone say no to a selfie with Sydney Sierota?

By Jessica Norton

Echosmith broke out last year with their infectious, outsider anthem "Cool Kids" -- and their sudden popularity promoted them from playing parking lots on the Vans Warped Tour to performing at award shows and music festivals all over the world.

When the sibling band isn't rocking out on stage or working in the studio, lead singer Sydney takes a break from exercising her silky vocals and photographs the places they go and people they see in the form of selfies.

Yup, Sydney lives every fan girl's dream of snapping a #flawless pic on her front-facing camera with Hollywood's elitest stars when she finds her self backstage at a television show taping or walking a red carpet. If I was in her position I would totally do the same, TBH.

Prepare to get super jealous of her ridiculously epic celebrity selfies...

  1. Echosmith performed "Cool Kids" on stage with T.Swift in Philadelphia on the 1989 World Tour and took this adorably silly selfie backstage.

  2. "Hey @jimmyfallon we love you and you really made us feel at home here in NYC. Let's be BFF'S!" the band tweeted to him after performing on "The Tonight Show".

  3. The presidential candidate invited the band to perform at her 2016 campaign launch in New York, NBD.

  4. What happens when two of the most popular breakout artists of 2014 meet? A sweet selfie, of course.

  5. Sydney bumped into Tori backstage at 102.7 Kiis FM's Wango Tango concert.

  6. The selfie all of our moms are jealous of.

  7. "Such a great show tonight @echosmith loved meeting all of you! Xx" Ashley tweeted while attending their concert last October.

  8. Katy said that she knew "Cool Kids" and it blew Sydney's mind.

  9. Couldn't help but take a quick selfie backstage at the "American Idol" finale.

  10. So. Much. Female-Fronted-Band. Girl. Power. In. This. Photo.

  11. Okay, our moms are pretty jealous of this selfie too, Syd.

  12. Echosmith played a bunch of shows with Nick J in the last year. Even though "Cool Kids" and "Jealous" have battled for the top spots on the charts this year, the artists have had nothing but support for each other.
  13. Sydney talked "Joshua Tree, rock climbing & cookies" with Emma, casual.