Shia LaBeouf Is An Excellent Rapper Or A Shameless Copycat, Or Both

A video has surfaced of Shia and his Davy Crockett haircut in a spontaneous rap performance.

Because there is no form of self-expression in which Shia LaBeouf will not dabble, it was only a matter of time before a video surfaced of the actor/artist/enigma performing a freestyle rap surrounded by an audience of rapt acolytes.

Shia's ability to spit a spontaneous rhyme is actually pretty impressive, as you can see for yourself in the snippet captured on camera:

Unfortunately, there might be a reason for that which has nothing to do with Shia's word-associations skills, and everything to do with his renowned abilities as a big ol' copycat.

And yep, the closing couplets of Shia's rap -- about fast cash, gas masks, and last laughs -- are very, verrry similar to a line from "Perfectionist" by Anomolies (although who knows whether he intentionally copied the song or just subconsciously grabbed its lyrics from his memory palace while searching for a good final rhyme.)

Either way, unlike some of Shia's previous brushes with plagiarism, this video wasn't created, released or promoted by the actor under the pretense that it was his own original work, so we can just file it away as yet another Mystery of LaBeouf, and move on.