Attention: Makonnen Wants To Know 'Where Your Girl At?' On New Single

He's making "huagghhh" the next go-to rap sound effect.

ILoveMakonnen often refers to himself as The Red Dragon. On his new song "Where Your Girl At?," he takes flight, and he's breathing fire. Unlike some of his softer, more melodic material, "Where Your Girl At?" is a hard-charging, percussive banger, complete with Makonnen roaring "huagghhh" as a fierce ad-lib.

He's a warrior, challenging his enemies while boasting about his lyrical prowess:

"All my s--t be the motherf—in' best, if you ain't know it's coming from the west/We gon' kick this s--t off in the south, I'mma turn it up and I'mma turn it out, like huagghhh." Atlanta producer Richie Souf helmed the boards for the song.

Rarely has Makonnen gone straight for the jugular like this. Still, “Where Your Girl At?” has pop potential -- Makonnen has an instinctive ear for catchy melodies, even when he’s shouting and puffing his chest out. Expect to hear this one coming out of car speakers on streets near you soon.

Makonnen has been prolific recently, dropping a collaboration with Key! last month called “Straight Top” and releasing his Drink More Water 5 mixtape earlier this spring.

The musician also recently made headlines for a Twitter hack, as well as an extremely gif-able set at this year's Mysteryland.