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Arnold Schwarzenegger Says ‘Hasta La Vista’ To This Anti-Equality Internet Troll

Intolerance: terminated.

Ultimate tough-guy Arnold Schwarzenegger, star of the upcoming "Terminator Genisys," has dropped probably the very best iteration of one of his most famous movie catchphrases.

In the wake of last week's Supreme Court marriage equality decision and this weekend's ever-more-jubilant Pride celebrations, Facebook has offered users the option of adding a rainbow striped overlay to their profile pictures. Schwarzenegger -- the Terminator himself, and the former governor of California -- proudly rainbow-ified his Facebook pic.

In a comment that appears to have since been deleted, one Facebook user took ire, commenting "What's wrong with U Arnie? I have to unlike..."

Ahh-nold's perfect response?

"Hasta la vista."

(Screengrab via Popculturebrain on Tumblr.)

Oooooh, intolerant opinions, consider yourself terminated.