We Asked Ralliers At Stonewall Inn To Tell Us Why Marriage Equality Matters To Them

'Love is for everyone.'

Just a few hours after the U.S. Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states on Friday (June 26), the celebrations got underway at New York City’s Stonewall Inn.

Cheerful, equality-loving crowds gathered at the iconic gay bar for an impromptu rally where the spirits were sky-high, the drinks were flowing, and the rainbow flags were waving more mightily than ever before.

To properly capture the ecstatic, love-positive atmosphere, we asked people at Stonewall to tell us why they came and why marriage equality is important to them. Here are their emotional responses:

  1. MTV

    "Gay life matters."

  2. MTV

    "I want to support my friends."

  3. MTV

    "Love is for everyone."

  4. MTV

    "Everyone deserves happiness."

  5. MTV

    "I'm proud of who I am!"

  6. MTV

    "Love is love."

  7. MTV

    "I love myself."

  8. MTV

    "My straight coworkers weren't excited enough!!"

  9. MTV

    "Now I can marry whomever I [love]. Man or woman!"

  10. MTV

    "Love wins."

  11. MTV

    "I am gay and from Texas, and my wife is from Michigan."

  12. MTV

    "I love my gay friends. I want them to be happy."

  13. MTV

    "I love my brother!!"

  14. MTV

    "We are making history."

  15. MTV

    "Love matters. We matter. I matter."

  16. MTV

    "Today, LOVE conquered hate!"

  17. MTV

    "We are celebrating 10 yrs of marriage equality in Canada and wanted to be here to share your victory with you."