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Yep, Those Texas Comic Book Shop Owners Did Get Married Today

Congratulations, Kenneth and Gabriel!

The country is still buzzing with excitement and joy over today's (June 26) momentous ruling that marriage equality is officially a civil right in all 50 states -- finally!

In addition to nationwide celebrations and reactions from our favorite celebs, another story that caught the Internet's attention today was that of Dallas, Texas shop Red Pegasus Games & Comics. This morning, a sign was posted onto the storefront, offering advance warning that the store might be opening a tad later.

MTV News caught wind of the sign, and when we called to ask, "Hey, are you guys married?" Red Pegasus' Kenneth Denson answered with a resounding, "Yes!"

"This morning we got to the clerk's office at 8 AM -- an hour before the decision -- and we filled out the paperwork in advance," Denson explained. "As soon as the decision came down at 9 AM, that was when the real waiting began. It took a couple of hours before we got to the point where the clerk was handing out licenses.

As soon as we got our license we went over to the the court house and met with the district judges. We opted for a private ceremony, in the Judges Chambers, with her partner as our witness. Then we hustled back across the street to get the certificate recorded with the county, and were married!"

Kenneth and his husband, Gabriel Mendez, met in college and have been together for fourteen years. After marrying in San Francisco, it was important to the couple to be officially married in their home state of Texas, too. "It may be that we try to hang around cool people, but no one has had a bad reaction so far, and everyone has been really happy for us," Denson said of customers' and friends' reactions.

The couple, who share a love of comics, opened Red Pegasus earlier this year. "We knew that our customers were largely supportive, but when we got back to the shop today, we found out how supportive," Denson told us. "We have a cake, cupcakes, and a pie, all from different customers. We've received cards, and apparently there were a number of people who stopped by before we got back from the court house."

Congratulations to Kenneth, Gabriel, and all the happy couples who were able to celebrate love and equality today!