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The White House Went Rainbow To Celebrate Marriage Equality

The White House is proud tonight.

No need to adjust your screen. That is still the White House you see.

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Only, instead of its usual hue, the building was draped in a rainbow of lights Friday (June 26) night to celebrate the Supreme Court's landmark decision in favor of nationwide marriage equality.

The White House had the masses swelling with LGBT pride earlier in the day when it changed its avatar to a rainbow-colored variation of itself.

White House/Twitter

Little did we know, the Presidential abode had bigger plans than that for its celebration of the SCOTUS' decision to legalize same-sex marriage across all 50 states of the union.

"If you liked our avatar, you'll love the view from Pennsylvania Avenue tonight," the White House tweeted.

Thanks to the SCOTUS' history-making decision that same-sex marriage is protected by the Equal Protection Clause of the 14th Amendment, the U.S. is now the 22nd nation in the world to legalize same-sex marriage.

It's clear from the White House's colorful display here that they are quite proud of the judiciary's ruling on the matter indeed.