Michele Crowe/MTV News

YAS — These ‘Broad City’ Stars Had The Best Response To The Gay Marriage Ruling

What better way to celebrate than by lifting your shirt?!

Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson: comedy dream team, the living embodiment of #FriendshipGoals, and probably everyone’s favorite couple that isn’t actually a couple.

The stars and creators of Comedy Central’s "Broad City" took to Instagram today (June 26) to share their utter elation about same-sex marriage being ruled a constitutional right in the U.S. While several other famous peeps have expressed their pride and happiness about the landmark ruling with emoji-filled tweets, Glazer and Jacobson opted for an awesomely...um...revealing approach.

Joined by their “Broad City” co-star Paul W. Downs (who plays Soulstice fitness guru and parkour enthusiast Trey), the women happily shouted “Happy gay marriage!” before lifting their tops… to reveal strategically placed rainbow boxes.

The stars called it the “best day we’ve had in a LO0ong time. Congrats, America!” and added the celebratory hashtag #ultimateYASmoment.

YAS, indeed, girls. YAAASSSS.