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Only Nicki Minaj Could Make Wearing Denim In A Pool Look This Good

Normally, the idea of wet jeans sends a shiver down my spine. But there's one person who could get me to reconsider wearing denim into a pool—intentionally, nonetheless—and that person, of course, is Nicki Minaj.

In photos from the "All Eyes On You" video shoot, Nicki wears a denim bikini and looks so insanely good I'm actually into the idea of wet denim. The power of Nicki, y'all.

The best part of this new, Nicki-inspired appreciation of pool denim is that Nicki's exact bikini is available at Nasty Gal right now. Order it now and you'll be channeling your inner Nicki for 4th of July—smolder, sadly, is not included.