Kinsey Morrison

Watch This LGBTQ Family Find Out Their Moms Can Finally Get Married

Now that SCOTUS has ruled in favor of marriage equality, the Morrison family can finally have the wedding of their dreams.

BREAKING: SCOTUS Has ruled in favor of nationwide marriage equality.

Kinsey Morrison is an 18-year-old freshman at Stanford University. Her mothers, Karen and Audrey have been engaged for 20 years, but until today, have been unable to wed due to a ban on gay marriage in their home state of Kentucky. MTV News is following her family’s response to SCOTUS’ decision on nationwide marriage equality as it happens right now.

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Kinsey's family learning about SCOTUS's decision. Looks like there's going to be a wedding!

Kinsey Morrison

Kinsey's post upon learning her mom's can now get married anywhere in the United States.

Kinsey and her family headed to the courthouse in Kentucky to witness friends become the first legally married LGBTQ gay couple in the state.

Karen McDonald Morrison/Facebook

One of Kinsey's moms, Karen, thanks friends and family for their support

Kinsey Morrison

Kinsey, her sister Jillian, and their best friend Ben surprise their mom Karen at work to take her out to lunch and celebrate again.