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Look At How Ridiculously In Love Jamie Campbell Bower And Lily Collins Are

Team Jamily all the way.

Though it didn't make our official list, the romantic reunion of Lily Collins and Jamie Campbell Bower has been one of the best things to happen so far this year. Especially since they've been taking us all along for their omigosh we squeal from all the feels ride by way of social media.

Wednesday night (June 24), Lily was in London to support Bower at the opening of his West End musical "Bend It Like Beckham" -- of course she was -- and it looks like the pair have been taking full advantage of their time together this week.

Let's savor all the pictorial presh, but do be warned your heart might swell two sizes just from looking at so much sweet.

Because he totally escorted her over a threshold (of sand).

And of course there were cheeky smooches.

Guys, they even having matching key necklaces to unlock each other's hearts.

They even gave a wink to their "Mortal Instruments" roots, captioning this photo "Just a couple of shadowed hunters looking for an adventure. Time flies with you..."

And yes, there was sweet snogging.

They matched shoes again because Jamily.

Basically, this.

Love. They're so in it right now.