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'Clueless' The Musical Is Finally Rolling, Homies

Yes even!

You might've been totally trippin' about all the way harsh plot lines going on throughout the now-classic "Clueless" and overlooked the fact that it was full of rad tunes. Understandable.

But now, Amy Heckerling is turning the Saga of Cher Horowitz into a Broadway "jukebox musical," and all we can think about is how signature some of the songs really were to the movie and how they'll make us all dance so hard our buns will feel exactly like steel.

So check it.

  1. First, there's "Kids in America" by The Muffs.

    This jam is totally made for an opening dance number for the kids at Bronson Alcott High School. We're buggin' even imagining it.

  2. Plus, "Supermodel" by Jill Sobule is way existential.

    JK. But the lyrics were definitely on message: "And my hair will shine like the sea..." Yep. This one's just PERFECT for the Tai makeover sequence.

  3. And don't forget "Someday I Suppose" by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones.

    Since the Mighty Mighty Bosstones actually made a cameo in "Clueless," any musical which didn't include them would be a traitor to the generation.

  4. And "All By Myself" by Jewel was right where it needs to be.

    This one goes with when Cher discovers her love for Josh. As it was. Nothing should change here.

  5. Finally, "Rollin' With My Homies" by Coolio went with everything.

    Don't burn that.

We can picture it already. As for the cast, well, "that's going to be like the main problem," according to Heckerling.

While Alicia Silverstone is pretty much ageless and could probably still pull off her "oops, my bad" quips for Cher Horowitz, chances are, there'll be a new crew of kids coming into play Teacher Tinder and pull out the Polaroids for dress-up sessions. But as long as they've got direction to the mall, they've got our mark.