Watch Will Ferrell Give A Hilarious Wedding Toast To Total Strangers

Will he succeed in stealing the bride away?!

Getting married on television sounds like it could go really awesomely or really horribly, but if your best man was Will Ferrell, we bet it would be SO worth the risk.

In an episode of “The Chris Gethard Show” airing tonight (June 25), three different couples get married in 30 minutes, and each has the sheer pleasure of having Ferrell as their designated best man.

During the last couple’s nuptials, Ferrell is tasked with giving Matt and Tara a special toast — even though he’s never met them before and knows absolutely nothing about them.

“I’m so sorry to have to do this to you guys,” Ferrell begins before launching into a speech about how Tara is probs going to lie to her new hubby all the time. “I know in her vows she said she was going to be honest and trustful with you. But she’s going to lie to you. She’s going to lie a lot. She’s a dirty boldfaced liar. But she’s charming as hell. And as long as you watch your back, you should be good to go.”

Things then go from emotional to personal to dangerous, as Ferrell screams about how much he loves his “second wife” Tara and wants her back. “Would you take me back… Because what I have in my heart is way more than what Matt has in his heart. He has crap in his heart. Because I love Tara! I love her so much!”

And then there’s Ferrell getting escorted from the building after he threatens to crack people “like a chicken bone.” Yep, just your average TV wedding.