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11 Times Ariana Grande Proved She's Got Buns, Hun

Like, the ones on her head, sicko.

It's no secret that Ariana Grande is seriously devoted to her pony. She rarely strays from her go-to style, and whenever she does, Arianators (very appropriately) freak out. Since today is her 22nd birthday (!!!), we decided to celebrate our favorite hairstyle she's been trying out as of late: the good ol' bun. From double top knots to the half-up 'do, we're seriously hoping she busts out more buns this year. Check out 11 times she totally nailed the look because, hey, it's about time "Bunty" got its moment to shine.

  1. That time she made the messy top knot look effortlessly chic.
  2. Awww, remember when she nailed two braided buns at once?
  3. And one slick 'do down low?
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  4. How about that time she even killed it from the side?
  5. Or with a little hair left behind?
  6. There's that time she made da bunsie look hella fancy.
  7. And then switched to super chill.
  8. Remember when she even worked one while hanging with her dog?
  9. And while deep in the catacombs?
  10. Don't forget when she wore 'em while cruising in her car.
  11. How about the time she even gave her 'do a nickname? "Bunty," we love you, and here's to many (many!) more years to come.