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Cara Delevingne And Justin Timberlake Beatboxed Together And It Was Great

Next step: Album.

Cara Delevingne's music career might be "just a flower growing through concrete" right now, as she told Vogue, but it's starting to bloom alright.

Because she just threw down some sick beat-boxing skills with Justin Timberlake and totally proved her gift for groove.

In a new Instagram video Delevingne posted on Thursday (June 25), she and JT had a mini-jam session with Pharrell Williams. And she was more than decent in the duet, leaving both the fellas pretty impressed.

The vid was most likely taped as part of the Apple Music Beats 1 collaboration Pharrell's been working on with his company, i am OTHER -- the name of which matched Delevingne's hashtag for the snippet, #OTHERtone.

"Yeah, and oh, she beatboxes too," he said proudly after they finished.

"That's what I'm hearing over here," Justin agreed.

Here's hoping there's a whole lot more where this came from! Because YES.

Pharrell had previously worked with Delevingne on Chanel's winter short film "Reincarnation" and was taken with her "unique energy" and constant preparedness for her jobs. "Cara overshows up," he told Vogue.

The "Paper Towns" actress has admitted that writing and singing songs her "biggest fear" which she feels the "need to conquer."

From the looks of this vid, she's well on her way.