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Beyonce's B-Day Homage To Solange Was The Cutest

Happy birthday, Solange!

There's nothing like the bond between sisters.

Beyoncé showed this on Wednesday (Jun. 24) when she celebrated Solange's birthday with some adorable photos.

In the first super cute pic - an awesome throwback - the sisters appear as kids.

"Happy Birthday to my sis," Bey said in the caption. "I love you deep."

In the second adorable photo Queen B shared, Solange appears holding Blue Ivy. You'll recall it's the same photo the proud aunt posted back when it was Baby Blue's b-day in January.

This sisterly love reminded us of all the great times these two sisters have shared in the spotlight. Here are just a few of those moments:

  • When They Posed For This '01 Portrait
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  • When They Visited 'TRL' In '02
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  • When They Attended The NAACP Awards In '04
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  • When They Visited The Roc-A-Wear Pool Party In '05
  • When They Hooked Up With Christina Aguilera At The '07 NBA All-Star Weekend
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  • When They Visited Tokyo Together In '08
  • When They Bonded At Solange's 2014 Wedding (With Their Spouses)
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  • And When They Rocked Out At Coachella Last Year

Happy b-day, Solange.