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Selena Gomez Wore A Designer Top Backwards And No One Questioned It

Because she looked GOOD.

I have to be honest. I saw probably a thousand pictures yesterday of Selena Gomez wearing this crop top and thought, “oh, that’s nice, nothing to see here.” And that was wrong.

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She obviously looks good, but those with a trained eye/archive of Balmain stowed away in the back of their heads would notice that something is a little off about her top. As in she's wearing it backwards. Yeah, Selena Gomez is wearing a Balmain crop top backwards and it looks way better than if she were to wear it the right way. Of course.

The top is actually black in the front with a white trim and zipper down the back. But the way Selena pairs it with flared black pants, the zipper in the front adds a lot to the look.

Selena Gomez: singer, Jennifer Aniston BFF and now, style innovator.