Selena Gomez Tells You How To Handle These Awkward Situations

'You got to laugh it off because nobody's perfect,' Sel said.

Selena Gomez definitely knows what's "Good For You."

And I'm not just talking about her amazing new single, which has been on repeat non-stop, I'm talking about life.

If you haven't noticed, Selena gives some pretty great advice to all of her fans -- like the time she told everyone that you are "not defined by an Instagram photo," or when she encouraged someone to find their "purpose" or when she posted this photo to help stop bullying.

No matter what it is, Selena knows how to handle it. How do I know? Well, when she stopped by MTV News, we gave to her some life situations to find out what she would do if she ever found herself in these predicaments. So check out this video we are calling, "Selena Says" and take a look at the list below!

  • Situation: Your friends really want to go out, but you just want to stay in and watch Netflix.

    Selena Says: "Honestly, I would let them go. I'm actually really good about being on my own, I'd be like 'Bye.' I'd be binge-watching something. I usually like to turn my mind off with taking nights off. I like to be just watching a comedy, like "Portlandia."

  • Situation: You pull up to a red light and a cute guy catches you singing along to the radio.

    Selena Says: "I roll down my window and just go for it even more. At that point you can't go back, right? You're just like, 'Do you want to dance with me? No, OK bye.' I usually get the ones that laugh at me."

  • Situation: You're all dressed up for a special occasion, and then you fall on your face.

    Selena Says: "That's kind of happened to me before. I was on a red carpet and my entire zipper broke and went all the way down and luckily there were a bunch of guys around me and I laughed and I was like 'give me your jacket.' So I'm laughing while they're taking pictures and putting their jacket on and then I'm like 'bye' and then I run and then once we were back there I was having people sew me in. I think when life comes at you with its worst, just come back at it with your best. You got to laugh it off because nobody's perfect."