Gabriel Olsen / Getty Images

There Are Now More Tinder Matches Than Actual People On Earth

Congratulations, humanity, we did it.

How many times have you swiped right on Tinder? Dozens? Hundreds? Even thousands? That last one may not be so far-fetched, on average, because those swipes add up.

There are approximately 7.2 billion people on earth. The total number of Tinder matches since its 2012 debut, Page Six reports, has officially hit 8 billion.

Tinder president and co-founder Sean Rad revealed that number earlier this week at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. As if that figure weren't impressive enough, Tinder now gets 16,000 swipes and 300 matches every second, with an average daily swipe count of 1.4 billion. Users spend about 11 minutes per day interacting with the app.

It's not enough for Rad, who said in his talk that the company has achieved about “1% of what we set out to do," which is ultimately to "cure human loneliness." (Because Tinder is all about caring, emotionally fulfilling relationships?) Still, these numbers are a testament to how much smartphones have revolutionized dating over the past few years.

Rad also gave some tips for how to make your profile more right-swipe-worthy: "We do know statistically head shots don’t work that well, group shots don’t work that well too, but shots with a little more meaning and stories work very well..." But the story just shouldn't be that time you went to the zoo and met a tiger.