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Hilary Duff Has To Constantly Revisit Her ‘Middle School Years’ With Lizzie McGuire

'I have to do it with the happiest heart,' Hilary said.

While it's been over a decade since "Lizzie McGuire" was on the air, it doesn't mean that it doesn't live on in our hearts forever. Did you not have a full-on freakout over the mini reunion that recently went down? Because I know I did.

Clearly, we still love to reminiscence about Hilary Duff's adventures as Lizzie, but as the star of the show, Hilary would like to keep the past in the past, only because she has to constantly relive those awkward teen years.

"It was funny because my makeup artist was doing my makeup the other day and he was like 'Do you want to relive your middle school years?'" said Hilary, who started the show when she was 12. "I'm sure everyone would be like 'no,' and I have to do it with the happiest heart, but I get it, I totally get it."

Hilary, who just released her fifth album Breathe In. Breathe Out, went on to explain that when people used to bring up her hit show it would "bother" her, but now she realizes that she was part of something that was "so special."

"['Lizzie McGuire'] touched people at a time of their lives where they must have needed it, so it stuck with them for such a long time and I feel really grateful for that," she said. "I loved the show too, and I loved what we created there."

But here's one piece of advice for when you run into Hilary: don't call her Lizzie.

"I didn't love being called Lizzie for like five years of my life, and even now sometimes. I don't even look like the same person," she said. "And everyone wants to really get in detail and talk about it."