7 Times Brook Soso Was Your Litchfield Spirit Animal On 'Orange Is The New Black'

She is soso our girl now.

If Litchfield Penitentiary was anything like "Survivor" then Brook Soso would have been kicked off the island her first week in lockup. Last season on "Orange Is The New Black," the chatty prison newbie had a penchant for annoying the hell out of people.

But in season 3, Soso subverted those perceptions of her, and instead, became one of the standout characters of the third season. She's kind of like that friend you want to punch in the face and hug at the same time -- completely exhausting, yet endearing.

That being said, here are seven times we would have ride or died for our Litchfield spirit animal, Brook Soso:

  1. When she told Nicky off for using her.

    As we learned in season 3, Nicky is a user and abuser -- and Soso was sadly just another victim of her games. But at least Soso got to have the last word before Nicky was shipped off to Max. Say what you want about this hunger-striking hippie, but she knows how to stand her ground.

  2. When she told Meadow how she was really feeling.

    As Soso found herself being increasingly rejected and teased by the other inmates, she started to shut down. A visit from her fellow hippie chic friend Meadow turned sour when she explained to her entitled friend that prison was "so not cool." This was the first sign that maybe Soso was more self-aware than we gave her credit for. And now that she's getting rid of all of the garbage people in her life, maybe we'll finally get to see the real Soso.

  3. When she stood up to Norma.

    Let's face it, Norma was letting her sunshine gang get out of control, and she definitely needed someone to bring her back to reality. That person being Soso.

  4. When Leanne chopped off her hair like a psycho and she rocked a lob anyway.

    As two of Norma's most devout followers, Leanne and Soso were on the same side until Leanne accused Soso of making a mockery of the group by calling it a "meditation club." This lead to an all-out war between the two, which had devastating results for Soso's lovely mane. However, Leanne's crazy-pants scheme actually turned out to be a blessing in disguise for Soso because lobs are super fashionable these days. So long, Pocahontas hair.

  5. When we got a glimpse into her childhood and immediately wanted to give her a hug.

    Soso was raised in a household that accepted nothing less than excellence. (Yes, one could say she had a Tiger Mom.) Many Millennials, like Soso, were raised with similar expectations. Not only did this make her a relatable character, it also made us understand her love for activism. If you were raised in a house that had nothing but rules, wouldn't you get a rush of adrenaline from breaking them every once in a while?

  6. When she held hands with Poussey in the lake.

    Poussey is our GIRL, so nothing makes us happier than the budding relationship between Poussey and Soso. Both characters were extremely lost this season -- Soso, with her increasingly alienation and depression, and Poussey, with her feelings of resentment towards her friends -- so it's nice to see them find each other in the season's final minutes.

  7. When she was accepted by Taystee, Poussey, Black Cindy and Suzanne.

    In the end, Soso finally found her prison family, and tbh, she couldn't have picked a better squad to be part of. We are so jealous.