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John Green Wants You To Be In His New Novel

What, me? Well okay then.

Ever read "Paper Towns" or "The Fault In Our Stars" and wish you were as cool and insightful as the characters in John Green's books? Now, you can be. Well, you can be a character in his book, at least. Your mileage may vary on the "cool" part.

Announced today (June 23), fans of John Green's work can officially bid on the chance to be named in his next novel via a CharityBuzz auction. Proceeds will go to the PEN/Faulkner Foundation, a nonprofit organization that supports readers and writers pof all ages by sponsoring fiction awards, school reading programs, and events that bring celebrated authors to Washington D.C. public schools.

The contest is for naming rights only, so you don't get any say in how important the character is, what they look like, or what their role in the book will be. Heck, we don't even know when the next book will be out, or what it will be about.

But there's good news! According to John Green himself, your character will NOT die a horrific and tragic cancer death -- or any OTHER kind of death. Yaaay for being alive!

Got a lot of money to give to charity and want to immortalize yourself forever in a young adult novel? You have until June 30, seven days from now, to put in your bid (as of writing you have to beat $1,000, which is the current bid).

What are you waiting for? Get bidding, wealthy nerdfighters!