Watch John Oliver's Brilliant Rant About Online Misogyny And Harassment

The 'Last Week Tonight' host explains why it's awful to be female on the internet.

Vicious, violent internet harassment is a serious problem -- and if you don't agree, then John Oliver has a special message especially for you:

"If you're thinking, 'Come on, that doesn't seem like that big a problem,' then, well, congratulations on your white penis," Oliver said, in the kick-off to an incredible rant about the gender-specific harassment that women face online.

The "Last Week Tonight" host used an old AOL commercial as the entry point for a segment that covered everything from Twitter abuse to revenge porn. Oliver's most scathing critiques were reserved for the offensive and outrageous responses women have received when they've tried to get frightening, specific threats addressed through legal means.

NSFW language, by the way.

Oh, and he also rick-rolled us. TWICE.

To enjoy Oliver's outrage in all its finely-honed glory, watch the full video above.