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Beyoncé's No Make-Up Swimsuit Pic Is What The Internet Was Made For

Behold Beyoncé in all her braided glory.

Have you had enough Beyoncé in your life by now?

No. The answer is no. It's always no. Because there is no such thing. And she reminded us all of that again on Monday (June 22) when she posted a new make-up-free side selfie in a swimsuit. Which is pretty much the exact recipe for spontaneous internet implosion.

Observe the amazingness for yourself.

Looking at this pic, we can't decide what we love more -- the single twist braid that runs the full length of her décolletage, her décolletage itself (ahem), her flawlessly shimmering skin, or the fact that the only jewelry she has on are three little clip hoops and some metallic temporary tattoo cuffs.

It's the best. All of this. THE BEST.

Bey wins all the life prizes. Per usual.

Oh, but if you happen to have a real hankering to replicate her fun-in-the-sun style here, the suit has already been ID-ed as Mara Hoffman's beaded one-piece ... which is available in blue too. Just sayin'.