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Justin Bieber Hung Out With His 'OITNB' Doppelganger And It Was Picture Perfect

If he was her boyfriend... it'd be pretty weird.

There's a reason Ruby Rose's "Orange Is the New Black" character counterpart got pegged as a Justin Bieber look-alike on the show. 'Cause, um, she is.

Which made for a great pun when she threw on a baseball cap, popped her collar, and started jamming on a Justin Bieber plate-filled piano last week.

But then something even better happened.

See, Rose has been battling Bieber comparisons for a while now. And she's even admitted to beliebing in all of the Justin confusion she would get around town because, as she explained to Vanity Fair, "physically and mannerisms-wise, we're very similar."

Now, the two have gone and made their doppelganger status official by hanging out in Las Vegas together and taking side-by-side photographs to show off all the rad resemblance. Because sometimes awesome things happen exactly the way we hoped they would.

Rose posted three Instagram pictures of the two "twinning" in Vegas on Saturday (June 20) when they were backstage at the Avicii performance during the EDC festival. Now we're wondering just what these two had to talk about... but we have a few guesses.

  • Clutch pick-up lines to use on the ladies.

    Because her "OITNB" counterpart Stella is clearly a stud, and Biebs is, well, he's The Biebs. They're both pretty irresistible if given the right verbiage to work with.

  • Tattoo trade secrets.

    They both have ample ink, so the pair probably exchanged a few vital deets on the best artists around town. (Maybe they even commemorated their chance encounter? Fat chance but totally not impossible.)

  • Sunglass selfie strategies.

    There are methods. And no one's got more experience hitting all the right angles on Instagram than JB. And Ruby Rose is no slouch in the social media game.