Jon Snow Is Alive And Well And Playing Tennis With Andy Samberg: Watch

Serve THAT to the Night's King.

In case you've spent the past week of your life rewatching the end of the "Game of Thrones" season five finale, desperately searching for the smallest change of color in Jon Snow's eyes, know this: the dude is doing just fine. In fact, he's been spotted in another HBO project, playing tennis:

See! There he (Kit Harington) is, playing Charles Poole, "a dim-witted prodigy who carried England’s hopes for a championship on his shoulders" in HBO's Christopher Guest-style mockumentary, "7 Days in Hell." Snow will play "a seven-day, five-set marathon" against Andy Samberg's "hyper-malcontent American bad boy" Aaron Williams in the film, and presumably say and do many hilarious things in the process.

He'll even get to interact with June Squibb's Queen Elizabeth, so needless to say the Jon Snow Army and the Squibb Nation will unite to make the bastard's next outing much more successful than his tenure at the Wall.

"7 Days in Hell" will be available on HBO NOW and HBO GO starting July 8th, and will air on HBO’s main channel on Saturday, July 11.