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'Pretty Little Liars': Ranking The Best Baes In Rosewood

Two can keep a secret, and one of these men is dead.

Throughout six seasons of "Pretty Little Liars," most of the girls’ time has been spent trying to track down "A" and dodging death threats left and right. But of course, they always find time for love.

There have been a few mainstay relationships -- including Ezria, Spoby, Haleb, and Paily -- plus some flings and flirtation. With only a few weeks left at Rosewood High for the Liars, it’s time to rank their high school relationships from worst to best.

  • Aria
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    7. Connor

    This slut-shaming jerk doesn’t even deserve to be on this list, but it happened. Let’s all pretend it never did.

    6. Andrew

    Technically Aria and Andrew just kissed and didn’t date, and then everything went to hell with the dollhouse drama. Maybe if these crazy kids gave it a chance it would have worked?

    5. Noel

    Their short-lived relationship was mostly a rebound from Ezra and he knew it. Things didn’t work out because of that, and we still don’t know if we can trust him.

    4. Riley

    Aria’s one-night stand during a college visit gave her some sound advice—that she didn’t take, of course—about Ezra and neither of them were looking for something serious.

    3. Holden

    These two were never meant to be, but he would have been a great option for Aria. The only drama would have been whether or not he’d live with his mysterious heart disease.

    2. Ezra

    Sure, he’s been there for her through thick and thin, but how much of that time was just research for his book and how much was real? We understand their undeniable chemistry and how they’re basically the OG “PLL” couple, but he doesn’t quite make No. 1. because of all the stalking. P.S. Remember that time she kissed his brother, Wes? Good times.

    1. Jake

    For one, those abs. Out of all the guys she dated, he was the least suspicious, the most exciting, and seemed to genuinely care about her. Too bad “A” tried to slice and dice him and he ended up taking JLo instead.

  • Hanna
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    6. Holbrook

    Thankfully this never became much of anything, but Hanna’s flirtation with the law was bad news bears.

    5. Sean

    Um, Sean was kind of a dick. He was always jealous, had some rage problems, and wasn’t a good boyfriend for Hanna. Remember when she crashed his car? Good times.

    4. Mike

    This would have caused some serious issues with the group, but it was just a little fling. It was kind of sweet, but mostly weird.

    3. Lucas

    Before Lucas went crazy on the dark side, we were rooting for him and Hanna to get together. They had a nice friendship that could have been more, but she just wasn’t feelin’ it.

    2. Travis

    Travis was nice, but we all knew he was just a placeholder until Caleb got back from Ravenswood. Better luck next time, Trav.

    1. Caleb

    Caleb should top the list of all “PLL” love interests, because he’s the best. He uses his sleuthing and hacking skills to save Hanna and the girls all the time, he is genuine and cares about Hanna’s life more than his own, and he has never scorned her. Compared to all the shady stuff everyone else does, he looks like an angel.

  • Spencer
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    7. Ian

    Not only is Ian one of the only dead love interests on the show, but he’s the one who got around the most. He charmed Spencer, Alison, and Melissa before getting killed.

    6. Wren

    The jury’s still out on whether Wren is working with “A” and he’s also with her sister, Melissa, so that’s a no-go. Basically, any situation where Spencer is trying to date someone her sister is with means trouble.

    5. Jonny

    These vandalism buddies were OK, but she would have been cheating on Toby, which was totally not. Bye, Jonny!

    4. Dean

    Nothing ever happened with Spencer and her sober coach, but they had fantastic chemistry and he is coming back this season. Never say never.

    3. Colin

    Wren’s roommate was a little suspicious because, well, he knew Wren and Melissa, but there was definitely a spark with Spence and the Brit. Perhaps in an alternate universe they could have gone to the theater together and had a very regal relationship.

    2. Alex

    If "A" hadn’t driven Alex away, maybe they would still be together. We didn’t know enough about him to love him, but he was a good fit for Spencer.

    1. Toby

    Compared to the other guys Spencer has been with, Toby has been the best overall, but he has his flaws. Things have been tense in the past few years, especially with him on the police force, and with his history of changing alliances and questionable moves, we wonder if he can always be trusted.

  • Emily
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    6. Ben

    As Emily’s only boyfriend who tried to assault her and made fun of her for being with Maya, he barely deserves to be mentioned.

    5. Talia

    Shady stuff with Talia being married and trying to date Emily. Not a good relationship for anyone involved.

    4. Samara

    This short-lived relationship was ended because of “A,” but it would have been nice to see where it went. Maybe Emily would have even gotten involved in Samara’s LGBTQ+ group. They were a good fit.

    3. Alison

    It’s always hard to tell what Alison really feels about Emily, but they’ve had some heartfelt moments and seem to care about each other. If only as friends, that’s fine, but we think there’s something more there, as seen in some makeout sessions along the way.

    2. Paige

    Paige and Emily had a happy and mostly healthy relationship, but it’s still hard to forget that time that Paige tried to drown her in the pool. In their later years, they brought out the best in each other, but the drama proved to be too much for these lovebirds to handle.

    1. Maya

    If Maya’s not really dead—which is a big theory of ours—then she and Emily belong together. Maya was basically Em’s first love and their relationship felt effortless and fun, in spite of any drama with Emily’s family or anything going on with “A.” Bring back Maya, “PLL”!

  • Alison
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    5. Holbrook

    She was just using Holbrook and he was the one more in the wrong as a cop. We could also put Cyrus in this category since she was paying him for her crimes.

    4. Ezra

    Can you imagine what would have happened if Ezra and Alison stayed together instead of him dating Aria? Nothing good—that’s what. She had him wrapped around her finger, but it wasn’t true love.

    3. Ian

    This secret relationship was terrible, too, but a little less bad than her messing around with people just to use them?

    2. Lorenzo

    This is a new potential love interest—and one that Toby doesn’t want to see—but it seems promising. They’re bonding over church and youth soccer, but there’s also something about him that seems a little off. Maybe they’ll balance each other out.

    1. Emily

    Everyone that Ali has been with was just as a power move, so Emily seems to be the only one she genuinely cares about. Your move, Alison.