What Happens When You Mix 'Full House' With 'Grand Theft Auto'?

Whatever happened to predictability...

By Brittney McKenna

Some things just go together. Peanut butter and jelly, Kim and Kanye, "Full House" and ... "Grand Theft Auto"? Yeah, OK, maybe that last one sounds a little strange, but a new mash-up video makes us think Danny Tanner should be on the cover of GTA VI.

YouTuber Merfish, known for daily GTA-inspired videos, recreated the "Full House" opening credits using clips from GTA V. The results are pretty awesome. Instead of Michelle bouncing on a bed, we have Lester Crest going up in flames. Uncle Jesse strumming the guitar is replaced by a shirtless Michael de Santa. Squeaky-clean Stephanie -- though there was that one time she legit crashed Joey's car into the kitchen -- gets dreadlocks and tattoos courtesy of Wade Hebert.

Merfish has given other TV show themes, including "Family Matters" and "Franklin," the same GTA treatment. You can also check out some alternate takes on "Full House," like this GTA-only version of the opening credits and, of course, outtakes.

While it's easy to wonder if Merfish has a little too much time on their hands, we're not going to discourage these nostalgia-fueled works of art. And Merfish, if you're out there, how about a "Boy Meets World" version next?