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Our 'Becoming Us' Exclusive Clip Will Give You Major iPhone Separation Anxiety

Ben and his friends head #IntoTheWild in tonight's all-new episode of "Becoming Us."

Carly and Ben are going camping, and Ben's eccentric gaggle of friends are coming along for the ride.

On tonight's episode of "Becoming Us," Carly takes Ben and his friends on a camping trip -- because she's a cool mom, duh -- but things get off to rough start when Carly tells everyone they have to give up their electronic devices while they're camping. The cell phone separation anxiety is real, people. How is Ben supposed to Insta his amazing wilderness photos? And what will we do without Ayton live tweeting the entire experience?!

Check out Carly laying down the law in the exclusive clip below:

Tbh, we understand where Carly is coming from; she wants to spend some quality time with her son. But Ben is still having a hard time connecting to Carly in the wake of her transition. Last week, Ben distanced himself from Carly after she told him about her plans to pursue gender reassignment surgery. We hope this camping trip brings them closer together.

ABC Family's "Becoming Us" follows Ben, a teen from Evanston, Illinois, as he struggles to understand Carly's decision to transition and grapples with the thought of losing a father figure in his life.