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Kendrick Lamar Thinks These Two Rappers Are The 'Most Influential'

K. Dot shows love.

Kendrick Lamar isn't shy when it comes to giving props to those he respects.

And his latest nods, on Saturday, bigged up Lil Wayne and Lil B.

K. Dot has spoken before about his feelings for Weezy and his music, and even dropped a Wayne-inspired mixtape called C4 in 2009, where he rapped over beats from Tha Carter III. The two then collaborated on Mike Will's "Buy the World," and back in September, Kendrick hinted that he may end up on Tha Carter V.

“Me and Wayne worked,” he said on Los Angeles' Power 106. “I don’t know if it’ll be on Tha Carter V, or it’ll be a leak. I’ve always been a fan of Wayne, so wherever it goes, it’s all love with me. I’m just honored to work with bro; he’s always been an influential cat coming up.”

Plus, he had already called Tunechi one of the most influential artists back in April.

As for the Based God -- there could be a few things at play here.

Maybe Dot just wants to avoid the Based God curse that's been plaguing NBA players lately. Or maybe he's just got love for Lil B.

Back in 2011, when the two shared the XXL Freshman cover, they were paired in the same cypher, and certainly seemed to enjoy one another's presence.

Based God was feeling K. Dot's rhymes.


Like, really feeling them.


And Kendrick couldn't control his joy and laughter after B's verse.


Whatever prompted Kendrick to give props on Saturday, one thing's clear: Lil B's got plenty of love in return.