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Taylor Swift Teases Selena Gomez’s New Single As ‘Her Favorite Thing’

Plus, a radio DJ who's heard the song just spilled SOO many secrets about 'Good For You.'

Have you picked your jaw up off the floor yet after seeing Selena Gomez’s new single artwork?

Good, because we have urgent matters to attend to, and that includes finding out a whooooole lot more about Sel’s “Good For You,” which drops June 22.

We already know the single features Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky. And Sel’s also been teasing us with behind-the-scenes looks at what appears to be a very steamy music video coming our way.

But now, new details have emerged from a couple people who have actually heard the song in all its glory.

First up, Selena’s BFF and “Bad Blood” nemesis Taylor Swift tweeted about the song, saying it’s “her favorite thing” Sel’s ever done and that we should “all get READY.” If she’s not a trust-worthy source, than we don’t know what is.

Then, Sacramento radio DJ Christopher K took to Twitter on Thursday and Friday (June 18 and 19) to share plenty of insider secrets about the track. His initial review?

“Sexy,” “sultry,” “hypnotic,” “not skanky,” and “SO GOOD?” Sounds like Sel definitely delivers!

The radio host then went on to answer a bunch of fan questions about the track, which he describes as a mid-tempo pop/R&B anthem. Read on for all his juicy secrets:

  1. First of all, don’t worry — he totally has Sel’s camp’s permission to spill the beans.
  2. Expect lots of <3
  3. And tons of romance.
  4. Here’s who Sel is singing to.
  5. Selena keeps it clean.
  6. And she definitely keeps it sexy.
  7. Sounds like we won’t be blasting this in the club, like we did with “Slow Down” or “Come & Get It.”
  8. A$AP Rocky alone handles the rapping.
  9. A$AP keeps it laid-back.
  10. And his rap is near the end of the track.
  11. Don’t expect any “Bad Blood”-style shade.
  12. He predicts big, big success for it.

With such glowing reviews from multiple people, all we can see is: June 22 can’t come soon enough!