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Umm President Obama, You Just Got Served By Justin Bieber

According to the NBA's John Wall.

Justin Bieber is a young man of many talents, but President Obama is on a completely different level -- that much, we can all agree on. But Washington Wizards player, John Wall, thinks that Bieber has POTUS beat in at least one arena: basketball.

TMZ Sports caught Wall taking a stroll (seemingly to grab lunch) and drilled him on Bieber and Obama's skills, since he's had the chance to hit the basketball court with both of them.

When asked who would win in a one-on-one game, he didn't hesitate to answer. "Bieber. Bieber's pretty good," he said. "He can play. He plays wild but he can play." (Side note: Why are we not surprised that Bieber "plays wild?")

In terms of Barack, who's a leftie just like the Biebs, it sounds like he could work on his shot a bit more.

"Barack has a weird shot," Wall said. "But he can play. He's left-handed. I haven't played one-on-one with him, I just did shooting around with him."

Personally, I still want to believe that Obama could beat Bieber with one hand tied behind his back, but hey, what do I know?