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Belieb It - Justin Bieber Is Back In The Studio

Baby, Baby, Baby OH.

It's been over a year and a half since Justin Bieber's last album release -- Journals, which dropped in December 2013 -- so it's high time the Biebs gets back to business instead of spending all day palling around with scooters and NERF guns, right?

Right. Especially now that he's gotten us all worked up about a possible Taylor Swift make-up reunion jam -- because never say never -- and so eloquently reminded us that he's got a really schmexy voice going for him.

Well, good news, Beliebers. Justin's made his way back to the studio again.

"Start with nothing leave with something," he wrote on his Instagram page, along with a picture of himself in his usual work uniform -- that is, a white tank and a shredded a pair of jeans. Um, our hearts totally just went knock knock because ... looking good, JB! (But will that outfit make it into his clothing line?)

But seriously, Justin's caption reminded us of the lyrics to a Bieber classic, "Believe."

Cause everything starts from something

But something would be nothing

Nothing if your heart didn't dream with me

Where would I be, if you didn't believe?

We believe. WE BELIEVE!!!