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Channing Tatum Started Out As A Model And I Can Never Unsee It

No matter how many 'Magic Mike' sequels they make.

As you're probably well aware, Magic Mike XXL comes out on July 1. What you may not be well aware of, though, is that before he was enlightening us on the subject of male strippers, Channing Tatum was a model. And not, like, model for local commercials or someone who takes a lot of pictures of themselves and then just says they're a model. He was the real deal, walking on catwalks, the highlight of fashion week—that kind of model.

Thankfully, there are photos and video clips aplenty living online, so in the name of journalism, we rounded up some of his best work.

Five years before he starred in Step Up, Channing modelled for Abercrombie & Fitch. For a store that is notorious for its racy ads, this one features a lot of...sweater.

In 2002, at Milan Fashion Week, fashion critic Tim Blanks caught up with Channing before he walked in Neil Barrett's show. While Channing reveals that he doesn't foresee a longterm modeling career for himself, he does mention his desire to get into acting. One quick Q for you, Channing—um, are you a psychic?

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At New York Fashion Week for Fall 2003, Channing walked in a number of shows. He wore double headbands at Marc Ecko.

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He wore a metallic denim jacket at Sean John.

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More importantly from Sean John, though, is this fur-lined leather jacket and white long john outfit. #WERKKKKK

For your viewing pleasure, here is Channing in action on the runway at Sean John and Marc Ecko, as well as Phat Farm, Nautica, and more.

So, there you have it—the highlights of Channing Tatum's modeling career. Now just imagine Magic Mike doing his ~thang~ in that fur-lined coat. Somehow, I think all the gyrating would be even more enjoyable?? Just a li'l something I'm putting into the universe—you're welcome.