These 'Teen Wolf' Father/Son Moments Are Guaranteed To Give You The Warm Fuzzies

Stiles and his sheriff dad share an adorably unbreakable bond.

Chances are, few fathers would be cool with their kiddos running around town with a crew of supernatural creature-humans, but "Teen Wolf" parental unit Sheriff Stilinski is about as understanding and supportive as they come.

He's been proving his daddy dedication for ages: After losing his wife (Stiles' mom) to frontotemporal dementia, the sheriff grew increasingly protective over his only son and found himself smack in the middle of several supernatural happenings in Beacon Hills. Later, when Stiles confessed that his best friend was actually a werewolf and he had a long-time crush on a banshee, the sheriff barely batted an eye. Likely due in part to Stiles' increasingly erratic behavior — because protecting your friends on the reg makes you act weird — Mr. Stilinski joined forces with Mama McCall to help put the kibosh on the Beacon Hills bad guys. Oh, and the sheriff was also accepting when Stiles exchanged his banshee adoration for an intimate relationship with a were-coyote.

Now, with senior year quickly approaching and several near-death experiences in the past,* their bond is closer than ever, and it's pretty much the sweetest thing since that long-awaited Stydia kiss. The evidence is in the form of this tear-jerker "Teen Wolf" montage created in honor of Father's Day (you may want to apply your waterproof mascara now):

So many hugs! All of the feels! Tell us which is your favorite moment in the comments, and catch more Sheriff/Stiles "aww" moments when Season 5 premieres this Monday at 10/9c!

*Hopefully the past… because there's that whole creepy "They're all going to die" premonition courtesy of Lydia.