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Sorry Swifties, Apple Music Is Missing One Very Important Taylor Record

And the indie labels ain't happy either.

When it comes to Taylor Swift's chart-topping 1989, we might as well be living in 1989 -- because the only way you can listen to that record is by buying it.

Yup, after yanking her music off of Spotify, the "Bad Blood" singer is apparently also nixing 1989 from the upcoming Apple Music service, Swift's label Big Machine and Apple confirmed to Buzzfeed. Unlike with Spotify, however, her back catalog WILL be available on Apple's new service -- so, perhaps, 1989 will eventually make its way onto your iPhone on a subscription basis after her NEXT record drops.

Swift's decision is really no surprise. She famously stood up against Spotify by yanking all her tunes -- essentially because she thinks the service doesn't fairly compensate artists. "I just don’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free," she said.

That's a sentiment that many indie labels currently dealing with Apple understand. Beggars Group, in particular -- which includes artists like Adele -- has been very reluctant to sign on with Apple, due to news that artists would not be paid during the three-month trial period the service is offering to consumers.

"We are naturally very concerned, especially for artists releasing new albums in the next three months, that all streaming on the new service will be unremunerated until the end of September," Beggars wrote in a statement. "Whilst we understand the logic of their proposal and their aim to introduce a subscription-only service, we struggle to see why rights owners and artists should bear this aspect of Apple’s customer acquisition costs."