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This Is The One Product You Need To Add To Your Makeup Bag This Summer

The key to making your makeup last all day!

While we look forward to warm temperatures all winter, there's one thing that accompanies summer weather that we never look forward to: sweating. While sweating is great for, y'know, cooling down your body, it is NOT great for beauty ~lewks~ you've dedicated time and energy to creating.

Fortunately, primer is here to save the day (and your face).

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To look as fresh as Katy Perry at Coachella, primer is key—COVERGIRL's Outlast All-Day Makeup Primer preps your skin and extends the wear of any foundation you put on top of it.

A little bit of primer goes a long way, so the key is to apply a small amount of product to your skin using your fingertips. Once your skin is primed, your options for what goes on top are pretty much endless—a tinted moisturizer like CG Smoothers BB Cream provides a little more coverage AND SPF 15, which means you're moisturizing AND protecting your skin simultaneously.

For some extra oomph à la Katy, try a bright red lip using COVERGIRL Outlast Longwear Lipstick in Red Siren and full lashes using COVERGIRL Full Lash Bloom Mascara.