Relive The 'Jersey Shore' Scene That Got A Special 'Orange Is The New Black' Shout-Out

JWOWW and Pauly D now have something in common with the folks at Litchfield Penitentiary.

One might argue that "Jersey Shore" and "Orange Is the New Black" don't share many similar attributes: Litchfield Penitentiary is nothing like Seaside Heights, and the core crew of ladies don't get the opportunity to fist pump Karma-style. But one character couldn't help but compare his situation to two MTV alums from the Garden State, and the shout-out was rather priceless. (Warning: spoilers ahead!)


During a particularly humorous scene which unfolded in episode 13 (the finale) of the Netflix series, inmate Lorna Morello met up with her pen-pal/romantic interest Vince Muccio, and he tried to end their risque relationship. But not before he referenced the hit MTV series -- and no, V didn't call L a grenade...

"I got crazy feelings for you," a frustrated V expressed to his teary-eyed faux ladylove. "Pauly D, JWOWW, 2010 kind of feelings."

And that was only the beginning of the awesome tirade.

"But that's the problem, you know?" Vince explained. "They couldn’t act on them. JWOWW had a boyfriend. You got prison. There’s nowhere to go."

Wellllllllll, to be fair, the vivacious duo kinda did hook up after a booze-filled evening at their well-known hot spot (look no further than the video below). But Vince does have a point about the rendezvous we think he's talking about: Meilani's mama eventually admitted that she was unable to really proceed with the DJ because of her beau back home (Tom, in case you forgot).

Relive the "JS" late-night summer shenanigans, and share your thoughts on the "OINTB" mention!