This Is What Happens When ‘Duck Dynasty’ Dudes Crash A Bonfire

The latest episode of 'No Seasons' finds Julian Yuri Rodriguez in the crossfire of another fight.

When we last left Julian Yuri Rodriguez, he was soaring to new heights (literally) thanks to a special visit to Space Camp. But, unfortunately, all good things come to an end.

The latest episode of "No Seasons" takes us to the vast and swampy marshlands of Everglades, Florida, where the MTVOther star remembers a painful time in his life. For awhile, heartache seemed to perpetually consume Rodriguez after he and his girlfriend "Tammy" -- Rodriguez refused to reveal her real name -- parted ways. "She was the love of my life," he confesses.

In the midst of his heartbreak, Rodriguez's pal Jason (aka "The Cuban Redneck") decides to lighten the mood by taking his friend to an epic bonfire bash. When the duo arrives, the party is "like a movie" and unlike anything they'd ever seen before.

"There's kids playing hacky sack. Kids with acoustic guitars. People making s'mores," Rodriguez recalls.

Inspired by the festivities, Rodriguez finds himself ready to move on from the past and begins tossing old love letters from "Tammy" into the flames as a "final goodbye to her." As he's about to torch the last note, he sees "Tammy" in the distance, and they exchange smiles. But the sweet exchange was short-lived -- a "loud ass explosion" suddenly disrupts the party.

"I see this big ass thing of fire behind me," Rodriguez explains. "People freak the f*ck out, they don't know what the hell it is.

To make matters worse, a sketchy group of weapon-toting hillbillies arrives at the scene, obviously looking for trouble. "These guys looked like the dudes from 'Duck Dynasty.' They looked like Appalachian maniacs," he adds.

Following a nasty exchange of words, chaos ensues when Jason unexpectedly punches one of the guys in the face. Once again, Rodriguez finds himself. He's hesitant to join the brawl - after all, his fighting record is the main reason why "Tammy" left him.

"As soon as I knew that I was going to be an adult about it, I just get punched in the side of the face," he says.

Find out if Julian threw a punch (or not) in the latest episode of "No Seasons," and make sure to catch the rest of his crazy adventures here!