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Watch 50 Cent’s Hilarious Phone Call To Floyd Mayweather

Fif's looking for Omari Hardwick.

50 Cent's past hilarious Instagram videos have caused some to call him "the ultimate troll." And it looks like he's at it again.

This time, the rapper's having some fun joking about Omari Hardwick's rise as a heartthrob. "Omari Hardwick stole my damn show 'Power,'" 50 said on Instagram. "Now all the women want him. SMH You can't trust nobody these days."

In the video, Fif said he looking for Hardwick everywhere. "Man, it’s been two days," the G-Unit General said. "I’ve been looking for this Omari Hardwick n—a, man...I should’ve known when he started all that sexy sh-t."

Things got so bad for 50, he even decided to give his on-again buddy Floyd Mayweather a call to help in his search.

"Floyd, champ, champ…It’s an emergency," 50 said. "Motherf—ker done stole my show, man. You gotta help me get this n—a, man. You should have people out there in Vegas."

But Floyd had bad news for Fif.

"You ain’t got nobody?"

Don't worry. Omari is taking the posts in stride and playing along.

"On the run from 50 Cent," he said in his own Instagram post. "The Ghost has been spotted but not to fret, he temporarily traded one New for the other New...New York to New Mexico."

Clearly things are going well between 50 and Hardwick. Not only are they joking around on IG, but Omari recently gave the rapper props for his work on "Power." He even compared the G-Unit star to Mark Wahlberg.

"Power" is currently in its second season on Starz. And 50's search for Omari might just continue on Instagram.