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See If You Can Find Kendall Jenner's Tattoo In These Pics

Smallest tat EVER.

Even Kim Kardashian, who says tattoos are the equivalent of putting a bumper sticker on a Bentley, can't hate on Kendall Jenner's first tattoo.

'Cause this thing is seriously so teeny it barely even qualifies as a tattoo. Like ... even Phoebe Buffay outdid this one, guys.

Jenner hit West 4 Tattoo in New York City earlier this week and got inked -- and by inked, we mean touched with a dot of white on her middle finger and DONE.

The tattoo artist Jon Boy shared a picture of his spot of work on Jenner on his Instagram page, writing "It's the little things that matter." Little being the key word there.

Jenner then shared a picture of herself alongside pals Joe Termini, Harry Hudson and Hailey Baldwin, displaying the new addition -- or not -- in feisty form, writing "late night. too cool."

Somehow we predict there'll be no significant interruptions to her modeling career, which is heating up quite nicely with those sizzling Estée Lauder ads right now, as a result of her almost-microscopic addition.

It certainly wasn't noticeable last night when she hit the 2015 Fragrance Foundation Awards in a red, leg-baring dress that still has our jaws touching floor.

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