Jack Jeffries/MTV News

Hilary Duff’s Album Addresses All Of Life’s Messy, Perfect And Imperfect Times

'It’s a huge release and it felt really freeing,' Hilary said.

Hilary Duff's new album, Breathe In. Breathe Out, was definitely worth the eight year wait.

The "Sparks" singer released a ear-pleasing pop album that shows off her maturity, not only in her voice, but in her lyrics as well. Hilary touches on a wide variety of subjects throughout the album including heartbreak (most likely related to her break-up with ex-husband Mike Comrie) love, and the eventual coming-to-terms with oneself.

"I think it just represents a summary of my last three or four years," Hilary told MTV News about the album. "A lot of different new experiences that I've had, good and bad, some wild, crazy things that I wrote about, that I was like, excited to have. Those experiences and more difficult ones."

Hilary worked on the album for well over a year, and in that time, it took many different turns. The singer, who teamed up with Tove Lo and Ed Sheeran to pen some tracks, made a conscious decision not to make the album "too heavy," but couldn't release music without sharing some personal experiences with her fans.

"I think there was no point in doing it unless I was going to share and it was therapeutic and it felt so good," she said. "It's a huge release and it felt really freeing. It's all in there from my past. It felt good to find myself again, but the updated version of me -- me who has been through some things."

And Hilary, who said that "My Kind" may be the next single, is hoping fans get an "insight to who I am and how I feel" on the album, while also finding a way to relate to what she's been through.

"Even though there is some heavy stuff on there, the record is very uplifting and there's a lot of strength in it," she said. "I hope they relate to that because that's who I am, and that's what I learned over the past few years, is to just have fun. And life is messy and life is perfect sometimes and it's imperfect a lot times and to embrace all of that. I think on the record it's there."