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Watch Nicki Minaj's Ex Get Slammed With Meek Mill Jokes On 'Wild 'N Out'

At least Safaree was a good sport.

It takes a confident human to subject themselves to the slaughter that can be "Wild 'N Out's" "Wildstyle" freestyle battle, and Nicki Minaj's ex boyfriend, Safaree "SB" Samuels was brave enough to step up to the plate on Wednesday (Jun. 17) when he appeared on the show.

The reward for his bravery? An onslaught of jokes and rhymes about Nicki and her new relationship with Meek Mill. But, at least he was a good sport about it.

The main battle was between Chico and Karlous, but SB also stepped in to defend himself once.

Chico got right into it, by telling Karlous that he gets "left, like Nicki left Safaree," to which Karlous lobbed back, “You don’t have to stay that because it’s real, but me and SB don’t even listen to Meek Mill.”

That was just the beginning though. When Chico went for the jugular with, “I'ma tell you one thing you should know – Meek Mill got his h-e,” SB stepped up to the plate to flaunt his jewels.

“If I met your girl, she'd probably wanna marry me," he spit. "This watch and ring is probably two years of your salary.”

Not bad, but he also opened himself up for more direct shots. “He said his watch is two years of my salary, picture that," Chico responded. "When Nicki called a lawyer, you had to take it back.”


You can enjoy the rest above, and know that Chico didn't hold back with the grand finale, “Nicki Minaj next album is gon' be called Meek Mill's Penis."

Catch a new episode of "Wild 'N Out" Wednesday at 11p.m. EST on MTV 2.