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11 Signs You’re Way Too Good At Being A Bad Influence

Every friend group has one. And you're it for yours.

A bad influence keeps you on your toes, because they somehow lost your shoes. We've all had them, made excuses for them and yes, at times, even been them. Bad influences are a semi-destructive yet super-fun reality of friendships -- and some of us are the best at being the worst.

That doesn't necessarily make you a toxic pal; it just means your gift of getting into trouble is also your friends' occasional curse. Here are the classic signs that you're a little too good at being bad:

  1. Your social circle is always hungover

    It's starting to feel like you're the real cause of their hangovers, not actual alcohol. You never said they have to keep up with you, but you also never suggest calling it a night -- the responsibility to not overdo it is on them, right? Plus, you were kind of hoping they'd cancel on brunch anyway.

  2. No one takes your advice

    You might be a disaster in your life, but you also give pretty good advice about how your friends should live theirs. (It's like they say: Those who can't do, teach.) If people are mostly not taking it, your actions could be speaking louder than your words. Or, it could be that your answer to every relationship problem is to break up. Either way, you're a better hang than you are a life coach.

  3. You're a credit card company's best friend...

    You don't mean to do it, but something about your carefree attitude costs your friends a lot of cash. Sure, you're not responsible for anyone else's debt, but if you're so much fun that it's putting friends out of business, it may be time to dial it back on the late nights out.

  4. ...and a diet's worst enemy

    By now, your close friends know not to come around you if they're trying to eat nutritiously. When it comes to choosing between their health goals and your "OMG, you have to try this burger," it's no contest. You're the death of all diets.

  5. Your friends have you to thank for their stupid tattoos

    Even if you don't have ink of your own, they believed you when you swore that vulgar Looney Tunes design was "so cute."

  6. You have "a guy"

    He can get you into a club and out of a bind. Ironically, you might actually be a good influence on him.

  7. You're a notorious Tinder hijacker

    You're a chronic phone thief, but only because you're a romantic who wants what's best for her friends, even if that means impersonating them. This combination almost always leads to Tinder hijacking, which is basically the modern version of a fix-up. Unfortunately, the prospects you pick are like the decisions you leverage: almost always bad.

  8. You've drawn one or more penises on one or more faces

    You didn't go to art school, but are an expert at drawing the naked form ... albeit never on paper, because cheeks and foreheads are your medium.

  9. Drama always finds you

    You're cool, calm, but also a crisis magnet, and it's not totally your fault! People are always bringing their problems to you because you're not judgmental. Somehow, though, you manage to insert yourself in the middle of all that drama. In most cases, being a good friend just means being a good listener -- not making those problems worse by making them your problems too.

  10. There's a drink somewhere named after you

    If someone can drink too many of "you," you're definitely not inspiring them to go to medical school. If anything, you're inspiring them to invent their own drink.

  11. It takes a LOT for you to tell someone they've crossed the line

    You're not (necessarily) to blame when your buddies behave badly, but you're also not too bothered by it either. And you're not about to hold them accountable for those mistakes, because -- let's be honest -- they're your primary source of amusement. Still, you don't want them to mess up too bad, because even if you're not always the best influence, you really are their friend.