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See All Your Friends' Angry Political Rants On This Nifty New Social Network

"Frankly you don’t want to express that side of yourself on Facebook," says the former president of Facebook.

By Brittney McKenna

If you don't get enough political opinions from your libertarian third cousin on Facebook, it looks like there's a new social network just for you.

Sean Parker, first famous for helming Napster and then for being played by Justin Timberlake in "The Social Network," has launched Brigade, which is designed solely for sharing and discussing political beliefs.

If getting in frequent all-caps arguments is your jam, you can sign up for an invite to the site, which is currently in beta. You'll form a profile based on answering a series of ideological questions, and you can check out how your results stack up against those of your friends.

"Brigade is the first app that lets you discover which of your friends support you, and on what issues," explains its website. "Write your own opinions, then poll your friends to see what they think and why."

If that sounds like the most miserable place on the internet, well, it might be. But Parker and his team are hoping it will make the world a better place -- not just a louder place -- by fostering civil conversation and connecting users with campaigns that are important to them. If it can really help people "[f]ind agreement without being disagreeable," then who would be against elevating the online conversation?

Right now, half of all users are under the age of 24 (and a whopping 83% are younger than just 33), but Parker and his colleagues believe the site will grow as it fills what he sees as a void on Facebook.

“When it comes to your civic identity or your political identity or your charitable identity, frankly you don’t want to express that side of yourself on Facebook," Parker told Politico. "It’s not the right medium to do it.”

It would be nice if his plan worked. Until then, we'll keep hitting "unfollow" like it's going out of style.