Ride The Emotional Mess Express With This Couple’s Beautiful Dance On A Subway Platform

Welcome to FeelingsTown, population: you.

Need a reminder that you're a living, breathing being capable of feeling feelings. No worries, dancers Phillip Chbeeb and Renee Kester have got you covered. They've dropped a beautifully choreographed routine to Elliot Moss' haunting tune "Slip." It's all performed on a subway platform (city unknown), maybe symbolizing the fluidity of pain and memory? #Deep, dude.

Check it out below prepare to feel things:

"Everyone will tell you it is hard to let go of pain... and it is," read the YouTube description, "Since we are children we have been told to embrace the best of our experiences & disregard the worst... But what happens when the most beautiful memories from our past end up doing the most damage to our future?"